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Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc., an international provider of continuing education for over thirty, (30) health professions and credentials has introduced 22 new training products for group home operators during July 2023.  There is also one special training product for Adult and Child Protecive Services Workers.  This special one is Course #1193, which teaches risk assessment, the value of compassion when conducting investigations and laws governing the use of pepper spray in Midwestern states.

Each is established to represent four, (4) continuing education units and are available at their respective websites such as, and, which will be live August 25, 2023.  Printable versions are available in the company store at






Group Home CEU Course – Understanding and Managing Hypersexual Behavior in Group Home Residents

Defining Hypersexuality and strategies for managing it among residents.


Group Home CEU Course – Strategies for Developing Meaningful Activities for Group Home Residents

How to decide which activities work best and suggestions for selecting some.


Group Home CEU Course – A Group Home is a Small Working Environment; How Can You Improve Positive Working Relationships?


Even in cramped quarters, how can working relationships thrive?  This discusses it in detail.


Group Home CEU Course – Helping Your Group Home Residents to Manage Grief

Regardless of the cause of the grief, how group home personnel can rise to the occasion of offering soothing, psychologically beneficial assistance.


Group Home CEU Course – Using Pet Therapy to Promote Calmness in Group Home Environments

What is pet therapy, how can you make good usage of it and what cautions must be weighed.


Group Home CEU Course – Managing Racial Prejudice Among Residents

Creating a safe, calm environment even when a person with racial prejudice is among your residents.


Group Home CEU Course – Managing Safe and Efficient Transportation for the Group Home

Developing a program for the execution of transportation, training in safety and consistent vehicle inspections and maintenance.


Group Home CEU Course – DIY Home Repairs Group Home Personnel Can Tackle


While not getting over our heads, this course demonstrates what Do-It-Yourself repair items can be tackled by group home personnel.


Group Home CEU Course – Why Group Home Staff Should Have Knowledge About Potential Negative Medication Interactions

The advantages of group home personnel having knowledge about potential negative medication interactions.  Examples of these potential negative interactions.



Group Home CEU Course – Things to Consider When Contemplating Expanding Your Group Home Business

Looking to expand your residential care business?  Here are some important considerations.


Group Home CEU Course – How to Calculate Your Cost of Care When Operating a Group Home.

Credible strategies for learning and knowing what it is costing you to do business.


Group Home CEU Course – How to Justify and Articulate Your Minimum Reimbursement Rate

What is the minimum you can accept as payment to remain profitable?  Here are some measurements to keep you on the right track.


Group Home CEU Course – Accident Prevention in Group Homes

What are the more common accidents?  What can you do to prevent them?


Group Home CEU Course – The Value of Physician Relationships and Which Specializations

Why certain physician relationships are meaningful, how to establish them and what specializations matter most?


Public Services Worker Division – Protection Strategies for Protective Services Workers

Not a group home item:  An international training on the role of compassion during investigations, assessing potential danger, when and how to use pepper spray and accurately documenting dangerous encounters.


Group Home CEU Course – Physical Safeguards When a Mentally Ill Resident is Physically Aggressive

Proactive environmental and personal protection when serving the mentally ill with physical aggression.


Group Home CEU Course – How to Help Those with Developmental or Intellectual Limitations to learn New Things

Tools to use when helping those with developmental issues to make a habit of enjoyable  learning.


Group Home CEU Course – How Incorporating Group Reading Nights Can Add to Life Enjoyment for Group Home Residents

A useful tool to create a gentle teaching environment by incorporating reading nights.


Group Home CEU Course – How to Compose Monthly Reports to Guardians

Strategies for developing templates and writing concise reports for guardians.


Group Home CEU Course – The Value of Contracted Nurses in Group Homes

Why nurses can be beneficial for behavioral and clinical care and how to structure an agreement with them.


Group Home CEU Course – Coping When a New Resident Has Been Food Deprived

Strategies for helping new residents adapt when their previous environment subjected them to food deprivation.


Group Home CEU Course – Rendering Aid When a New Resident Has Been Previously Sexually Abused

Strategies for helping new residents adapt when their previous environment subjected them to sexual abuse.

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